Story | Best Solo Female Travel Advice

Picture this, friend

You’re flying to a bucket list destination ready to dive headfirst into a dreamy adventure. Instead, the airline loses your luggage and you find yourself alone at a breakfast buffet wearing the same underwear (for the 3rd day in a row) choking down a culturally significant shot of codfish oil.

So how did we get here?

After years of my wild heart chasing the unfamiliar across the globe, my parents are tired of fielding the constant question, “Wait… where is she?” So I’m inviting you along solo traveling to chase volcanoes in Iceland, scuba dive with tiger sharks in the Bahamas, drink family-made wine in Turkey, eat bugs in Cambodia, go yachting in the French Riviera, commit international faux pas, explore Roman ruins, experience new cultures, and so much more.

Come along for the laughs while I make all the mistakes (so that you don’t have to). Let’s go!

Who is Sarah?

In 2018, Sarah was laid off from a joyful career caring for rescued marine mammals in the destructive aftermath of a category 5 hurricane. After the 1-2 punch of the hurricane, the layoff, a break up, and moving home, the pandemic hit: cue the real struggle.

The cliche positive that came from it? An electric shock to live with a healthy sense of urgency and curiosity. To chase the most joy, people, and places that ignite your soul. No more playing with time.

You’ll usually find her traveling, scuba diving, completing projects as a World Wildlife Fund Ambassador, drooling over desserts, or tracking down sunny spots to read about unique destinations, ocean conservation, & climate change.

She launched Wait, where is she? in 2022 to give her parents, friends, and family a way to track her adventures across the globe. Now, it serves people like Y-O-U with the info and inspo to confidently seek out your own adventures, making the joys of travel easier, more accessible, and budget-friendly.