How much does it cost to go to Tokyo Disney Sea?

How much does Tokyo DisneySea cost? Here’s what I spent in 1 day!

Aug 17, 2023

Visiting Disney theme parks in the United States can be a headache– an expensive headache. 

Before the Disney purists come at me, allow me to say that the amount of pre-planning that’s required to visit Walt Disney World in Florida is insane. From having to make park reservations, figure out Genie+, and reserve timed entry passes for rides to how far in advance you have to purchase tickets to get dining reservations and work around all the park renovations and construction, no one can deny that it’s a hassle.

So if you’re thinking about visiting a Disney park on another continent, you may feel apprehensive about how to plan and budget for it.

Fortunately, if you’re a Disney fan traveling to Tokyo, visiting Disneyland Tokyo or Tokyo DisneySea is far less expensive and easier to plan than visiting the parks in the USA!

If you’re wondering whether Tokyo DisneySea is worth it, I’m unraveling the magic by breaking down exactly how much we spent in 1 day at Tokyo DisneySea!

Who: 2 adults

When: 1 day, peak season

Where: Tokyo DisneySea

Budget: No constraints– with just one day, we wanted to pay to skip the lines, try all the snacks and drinks, and enjoy it to the fullest. So think of this as the most expensive your day could actually be!

How expensive is Tokyo DisneySea?

✨ Grand total for a couple: 44,287 yen or $302.94 ✨

1. Tokyo DisneySea ticket price:

It’s no secret that Disney magic comes at a price, but here’s the scoop: ticket prices vary based on peak seasons and special events. Pro tip: Weekday tickets are cheaper than weekend surge-priced tickets! Visit the Tokyo Disney Resort official website to purchase tickets here.

Park tickets (on a week day): 16,800 yen or $114 for 2 one-day tickets to Tokyo DisneySea only (not a park hopper to Tokyo Disneyland).

Souvenir ears: 2000 yen or $13.68

2. Tokyo DisneySea food and drinks

Disney Tokyo Sea is no ordinary park when it comes to food. From character-themed treats to international cuisine, you’ll want to try a lot of different things. Because we only had 1 day, we opted for the interesting little food cards and quick service dining instead of lengthy premiere dining to save time and sample a lot.

Meals, snacks, desserts, alcohol, and water= 10,145 yen or $69.40

  • 2 waters: 400 yen or $2.74

  • 2 sausage buns: 1000 yen or $6.84

  • 2 [huge] pastrami sandwiches: 1900 yen or $13

  • 2 Asahi beers: 1500 yen or $10.26

  • 1 chocolate orange torte and 1 ice cream: 1065 yen or $7.29

  • 2 waters: 400 yen or $2.74

  • 1 mango beer cocktail: 780 yen or $5.34

  • 1 sausage roll: 400 yen or $2.74

  • 2 Asahi beers and 2 gyoza buns: 2700 yen or $18.47

3. Tokyo DisneySea Fast Pass/Priority Pass

Tokyo DisneySea uses Priority Pass, aka skip the line for rides. Not all rides offer Priority Pass, but for those that do you can purchase one inside the Tokyo Disney Resort app. The prices are different for each ride and season. Because we only had one day, we planned to use Priority Pass to make the most of our limited time.

*Priority Pass is only available temporarily. Disney Premiere Access is what’s usually in place in Tokyo Disney Resort.

Priority Passes: 15,342 yen or $104.94

  • 2 Tower of Terror: 3508 yen or $24

  • 2 Toy Story: 3508 yen $24

  • 2 Journey to the Center of the Earth: 3070 yen or $21

  • 2 Believe (the nighttime show): 5262 yen or $36

Remember, magical moments don’t come with price tags. The shows, parades, and enchanting ambience are all part of the experience – and they’re absolutely free! So, prioritize your must-do rides, shows, and attractions to make the most of your visit.

Is Tokyo DisneySea worth it? I think YES!

I know what you’re thinking: “This is great for you, but how can I afford to travel more?” I’ve been there!

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