How much does it cost to go to Tokyo Disney Sea?

How much does Tokyo DisneySea cost? Here’s what I spent in 1 day!

Aug 17, 2023

Visiting Disney theme parks in the United States can be a headache– an expensive headache.  Before the Disney purists come at me, allow me to say that the amount of pre-planning that’s required to visit Walt Disney World in Florida is insane. From having to make park reservations, figure out Genie+, and reserve timed entry […]

Is Japan expensive? Here’s a breakdown of everything I spent in 1 day

Jul 12, 2023

Japan is trendy right now And it’s no wonder why– of all the countries that I’ve visited, Japan caught me off guard the most. I’ve fallen in love with what once seemed like a fishy (I’m not a eater), tacky, and unrelatably foreign place. Not only can I confidently say that Japan has the BEST […]

9 cheapest countries in Europe to visit in 2023

Apr 19, 2023

Europe is a fascinating continent with rich history, vibrant food, romantic culture, and dazzling natural beauty. Re: expensive price tag. Europe sometimes feels out of reach for budget travelers (especially compared to Asia and South America, where you can get a meal for less than $2 and a luxury hotel for under $40 a night). […]

How to use Google Flights to find cheap flights (Step by step with screenshots!)

Jan 11, 2023

Flights are the big spend for most people’s trips, but with a little flexibility and knowing how to find cheap flights, your plane tickets don’t have to break the bank! Let’s start from the beginning. My best and most basic travel hack for finding cheap flights is to use Google Flights. If you’re not using […]

Long flight essentials for travel in 2023: 13 things I refuse to get on a plane without (with links!)

Dec 28, 2022

Last year, I spent almost as many nights traveling as I did sleeping in my own bed. That’s a lot of flights, friends. I’ve tested all of these travel products for comfort, value for money, and durability, but also just for general usefulness. There are so many shady travel gadgets out there that are useless, […]

How I spent 5 nights at club level for FREE at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul, Turkey

Nov 30, 2022

It’s a tale as old as time- I’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget. So I’m constantly on the hunt for creative ways to make my travel budget go further! And because only thing better than travel is free travel, I HAD to figure out how so many people are doing it. It’s simple: […]

Tour the best boutique cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey (under $100 a night!)

Nov 16, 2022

Cappadocia, Turkey may not be at the top of your travel bucket list, but it should be! It’s a magical place for solo travel (and group travel) and is unlike anywhere I’ve been before. Cappadocia is the collection of 5 main villages between Kayseri and Aksaray in Turkey. Aside from its incredible history — including […]

Is water more expensive than wine in Italy?

Nov 3, 2022

I know what you’re thinking- wine being less expensive than water sounds too good to be true. You sit down at a picturesque European cafe and ask for the essential 3: water, wine, and coffee. When they arrive, you have a shot of water (literally, a glass the size of a shot glass), an enormous […]