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The #1 travel safety gadget for female solo travelers in 2023

Jul 19, 2023

There are a lot of travel safety products for women. From pepper spray disguised as banana keychains to “pens” or “tampons” with concealed personal safety weapons, I’ve tried them all.

Why? Because more than 75% of solo female travelers (including me) have experienced some form of harassment, discomfort, or felt unsafe abroad. Not that America is any safer— I’ve felt more afraid (like actually in danger) in Washington DC, Atlanta, LA, or New York than I ever did in Turkey, Cambodia, China, Thailand, or any other country that I’ve traveled to.

But still, it’s true that most of the travel safety products out there can’t be brought in an airplane carry on bag. And as a self-proclaimed carry on luggage only snob, this was a problem for me.

I needed a no-frills travel safety gadget that works. Something to give me a little peace of mind, deter potential attackers, and be:

  • Small and light enough to fit in a pocket or purse

  • Easy and quick to deploy in the event of an unsafe situation

  • Carry-on luggage friendly

And I’ve finally hacked it, so I have to share! My new go-to is the Papasafety personal safety alarm, a small 3-in-1 travel safety gadget that’s basically a panic button with a few other awesome features. Why is this one different?

5 reasons to love this personal safety gadget

is it dangerous to travel alone as a woman??

  • It’s carry on luggage friendly — finally!

  • The personal alarm function is unbelievably loud and piercing, so it will alert people up to 1,000 feet away that you’re in danger or need help.

  • It’s easy to use! You can activate the alarm quickly by pulling the top pin out. The strobing lights and 130 dB piercing sound will continue until you push the pin back in.

  • It has Apple AirTag functionality (iOS ONLY)- This gadget has the same technology as the Apple AirTag, so if you clip it on your keys or put it in your purse, you can track them using the Find My app! Pair it to your phone using the same pairing method as AirTags: Open the Find My app and bluetooth, click “Add Item” and “Other Supported Item,” and then the gadget will pair.

  • The flashlight on it is a great alternative to draining your phone battery by using its flashlight.

Travel safety is a non-negotiable. Get ready for an exciting, safe trip with this safety alarm and my 8 other favorite travel safety products for women (all available on Amazon)! And don’t forget to be aware of the 6 most common scams that target travelers.

This sponsored blog post was created in collaboration with Papasafety! I only feature products that I believe in and use, and while the content of this posts reflects my own honest opinions and experiences, it’s important to me to share that I received compensation, either in monetary form or through products. I prioritize transparency only offer honest and unbiased information to my readers. Your support means the world to me and allows me to host this website!

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