best luggage on amazon for carry on bag

What is the best luggage for airline travel? The 5 best suitcases on Amazon (according to the experts!)

Aug 24, 2023

Which brand is best for suitcases? What luggage is the most durable? Which luggage is better, hard or soft? There have never been more options for luggage, but there’s something ultra-satisfying about finding a durable, beautiful suitcase or luggage set for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Thank you, Amazon! I used to […]

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance 101: What is travel insurance and what does it cover?

Aug 6, 2023

So you’ve got your bags packed, your itinerary planned, and your heart set adventure. But then some buzzkill aunt or friend asks you whether you purchased travel insurance for your trip. Ugh.  Honestly, I haven’t always purchased travel insurance. I thought it sounded expensive and unnecessary, or like something only rich people bought. Now? The […]

What countries require a visa?

Do you need a visa to go to Europe? Here are Europe’s new entry requirements for 2024

Jul 29, 2023

Will US citizens need a visa to travel to Europe in 2024? The short answer is yes: before you can sip rosé in the south of France or cruise around the Greek islands, you’ll need to get a visa, even if you’re American. Why is this changing, how do you get one, and how much […]

8 BEST travel sized beauty and skincare products on Amazon (TSA approved!)

Jul 26, 2023

Every woman shares one common travel struggle: packing all of our skincare and beauty products into a carry on bag. Maintaining a flawless beauty and skincare routine is hard enough at home, so forcing us to squeeze it into 3oz bottles and a 1 quart bag is just cruel (Dramatic? Yes. True? Absolutely). But really– if […]

Foodie’s guide: How to stay healthy on vacation 

Jun 28, 2023

Travel bloat. Weight gain. Breakouts. Sluggishness. We’ve all experienced over-eating symptoms while we’re traveling and it’s never fun. But, enjoying local food and wine and stepping out of your normal routine is part of what makes traveling so fun and indulgent. And as a foodie, I refuse to compromise on this! So I’ll never tell […]

Pack like a pro: 10 BEST new travel products on Amazon in 2023

May 21, 2023

Sometimes the journey is the destination, but I’ll be honest— I don’t feel that way about air travel. Lugging a 50-pound suitcase through a crowded airport so that I can stand in line, cram my legs into a tight space, and turn into a shriveled raisin from dehydration. Seriously– am I the only one that […]

Checklist for planning your first solo trip

May 11, 2023

Real talk, friend— solo travel is for everyone. It’s not just for people whose friends/family don’t have the same schedules, same travel budget, same wants and needs for travel, or enjoy the same activities or pace of travel as you do (though those are all great reasons to travel solo). What I mean is that […]

9 cheapest countries in Europe to visit in 2023

Apr 19, 2023

Europe is a fascinating continent with rich history, vibrant food, romantic culture, and dazzling natural beauty. Re: expensive price tag. Europe sometimes feels out of reach for budget travelers (especially compared to Asia and South America, where you can get a meal for less than $2 and a luxury hotel for under $40 a night). […]

6 common scams that target solo travelers & how to avoid them

Apr 12, 2023

Traveling solo is empowering— there’s nothing like the freedom of exploring the world at your own pace and on your own terms.  But, some people see solo travelers as easy targets for scams and theft. And it’s amazing how crafty some of these scammers have gotten. Because not much can ruin your confidence, mood, and […]

9 best destinations for your first international solo trip

Apr 5, 2023

Traveling solo is a life-changing experience, especially for women stepping out of their comfort zone in a huge way for the first time! As a female solo traveler, safety, ease of travel, affordability, language, cultural norms, and overall enjoyment are just some of the factors to consider when you zero in on a destination for […]