best travel products for safety

The #1 travel safety gadget for female solo travelers in 2023

Jul 19, 2023

There are a lot of travel safety products for women. From pepper spray disguised as banana keychains to “pens” or “tampons” with concealed personal safety weapons, I’ve tried them all. Why? Because more than 75% of solo female travelers (including me) have experienced some form of harassment, discomfort, or felt unsafe abroad. Not that America […]

Checklist for planning your first solo trip

May 11, 2023

Real talk, friend— solo travel is for everyone. It’s not just for people whose friends/family don’t have the same schedules, same travel budget, same wants and needs for travel, or enjoy the same activities or pace of travel as you do (though those are all great reasons to travel solo). What I mean is that […]

How to get the courage to travel solo: 5 small actions that have a BIG impact on your life

May 3, 2023

One thing I heard years ago that really changed my life was that doing it scared is just as brave.  Cheesy? Sure. True? Absolutely! Picture this: you, meandering the narrow cobbled streets of sunny Rome with a gelato and endless possibilities for the day ahead because you’re traveling solo. No compromising on what you do, […]

6 common scams that target solo travelers & how to avoid them

Apr 12, 2023

Traveling solo is empowering— there’s nothing like the freedom of exploring the world at your own pace and on your own terms.  But, some people see solo travelers as easy targets for scams and theft. And it’s amazing how crafty some of these scammers have gotten. Because not much can ruin your confidence, mood, and […]

9 best destinations for your first international solo trip

Apr 5, 2023

Traveling solo is a life-changing experience, especially for women stepping out of their comfort zone in a huge way for the first time! As a female solo traveler, safety, ease of travel, affordability, language, cultural norms, and overall enjoyment are just some of the factors to consider when you zero in on a destination for […]

8 BEST travel safety products for women (most under $20 on Amazon!) in 2023

Feb 8, 2023

If you Google “travel safety hacks for women,” there’s a reason you’ll see ENDLESS results.  Solo travel safety, regardless of your experience and comfort level, often requires a bit of extra preparation. And even if you’re not traveling solo, traveling often inevitably brings you into the proximity of opportunists (*cough cough* criminals) and scammers. A […]

Top 10 tips for first-time solo travelers

Oct 20, 2022

Solo travel is the best travel.  I’m not going to waste your time talking about how freeing and empowering it is because if you’re here, I know you already appreciate it (even if you haven’t done it before) and are looking for practical advice! When you travel solo, freedom and flexibility are the name of […]

Is it safe for women traveling solo to use dating apps?

Sep 28, 2022

I know what you’re thinking- why would someone (especially a woman traveling solo) use a dating app abroad? Sure, dating apps are a way to meet people (or maybe get murdered), but they’re also a traveler’s dream for finding authentic experiences, the best food, and places to see that are off the beaten path! This […]