8 BEST travel safety products for women (most under $20 on Amazon!) in 2023

Feb 8, 2023

If you Google “travel safety hacks for women,” there’s a reason you’ll see ENDLESS results. 

Solo travel safety, regardless of your experience and comfort level, often requires a bit of extra preparation. And even if you’re not traveling solo, traveling often inevitably brings you into the proximity of opportunists (*cough cough* criminals) and scammers.

A crappy Airbnb lock, a packed train or airport bathroom, or navigating unknown streets with crowds of people- these are the times you that you need to have some inconspicuous travel safety gadgets! These travel safety hacks are an easy way to put your mind at ease and reduce the likelihood of your vacation being ruined by a pickpocket, or worse. 

Here are the BEST deals on Amazon for the travel safety items I use in 2023.

Pssst: Looking for actionable tips for female solo travelers, packing hacks for carry ons (avoid checking that bag ladies!), or long/international flight ESSENTIALS? I can help!

Best travel safety items for female solo travelers in 2023:

 1. Personal alarm

2. Scrunchies with zipper pocket to hide cash

3. Scarf with hidden pocket large enough for phone, passport, etc.

4. Door stopper alarm

5. Bra wallet

6. Anti theft wear-in-front bag

7. Fanny pack

8. Portable mini motion detector

Other travel safety tips for female solo travelers:

  • Put air tags in your luggage in case it gets lost or stolen

  • Allow a friend or family member to use FindMyiPhone so you are sharing your location

  • Do not get inside of a taxi without haggling/confirming the price FIRST

Looking for more? Don’t miss the best-of-the-best!

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